A Social Marketplace For Contemporary Art
We Started This For You
Art Should Be Available To Everyone
Artists, Galleries, Patrons/Collectors + General Public
Anyone Can Request Invite To Sell Art
Manage Your Own Account, Artworks + Orders
We Accept All Mediums + Types Of Art
You Can Follow + Collect Your Favorite Art Privately
Today, many websites and physical spaces make it difficult to acquire artworks - we want to get away from all of that.

Available Works is a new online platform for Contemporary Art to be discovered, shared & purchased. We aim to provide a marketplace, which directly connects artists, galleries, and sellers of all kinds to those looking to purchase art. Please browse this page and learn more about our network and if you’re interested in selling work, just click on that request button.
Seller Profiles
Simple, Custom, Beautiful
Profile Photo + Custom Banner Image
Bio, Location, Seller Type & Website Link
Easily Share To External Social Sites
Display Your Available + Sold Works
Read Seller Feedback From Prior Sales
We wanted Seller Profiles to look as clean as possible. At the end of the day it’s about the art, not the website. It’s extremely easy to see what work is available for purchase and learn about a seller.

You’re also able to remove an item or edit your profile at any time. If you would like your profile and items to be kept private, that is also possible within your account settings. All of your images will never be sold or used without your permission.
Listing Artworks To An Artwork Page
Beyond Easy, Include Every Detail
Include Titles, Dimensions, Editions + More
Add + View Large Images Of The Work
Write A Longer Description
Set Your Own Price + Shipping Methods
Private Message Sellers About Specific Artworks
Art can be a lot of things. Sometimes it's a painting or a sculpture, but sometimes it's a zine, a film, or even a website. All mediums are welcome on Available Works. We also know from past experience that making your own online store is a total pain. Our system for adding artworks is really simpleand designed to make sure a potential buyer knows everything.

You can add multiple photos for any work and view them larger.
The artwork itself is the main focus & we take it very seriously.
What You’re Into
None Of The Other Stuff
Follow The People You Love
Feed Notifications Of New Available Works
Option To Keep What You're Into Public or Private
Discover New Things Through Friends
Artworks Removed From Your Feed When Sold
Your taste is personal, so what you see on Available Works is totally up to you. We designed a system that keeps you updated on the latest stuff from all your favorite sellers - Think of it as a self curated marketplace.

Even if you're not a seller on Available Works, you can still have a profile, and see what your friends are into. If you're not into all that there's always the option of keeping it private to lurk.
Manage Your Own Account
Settings, Direct Deposits, Fully Secure
Add, Edit or Remove Items You’re Selling Anytime
Change Your Account Settings
Safely Store Your Credit Card + Bank Account
Next-Day Direct Deposits For All U.S. Sales
Check Messages + Manage Your Orders
We are giving you the power to create, manage and get paid for
your works on your own terms. You can go back and change the
price of artworks, update your password or provide a new bank
account for your direct deposits from sales.

Your privacy and security is extremely important to us so we have taken extra steps to create a safe and secure network for the site. When an artwork sells, get paid quickly, directly to your bank.
Browse Artworks
People You Know, New Discoveries
Manually Search By User Or Subject
Discover New Work Through Item Tags
Find New Sellers To Follow
Share Your Finds Easily On Social Networks
Anything Can Be Kept Private From Search
Once you join Available Works, it's easy to check out who you already know here from all your favorite social network platforms. If you're not into that you can always do a good old fashioned user search.

Just like Instagram and Twitter, artworks on Available Works are tagged by the people that post them, so an artwork will only show up in search results if the seller wanted it to. Once you find something you like it's easy to share with whoever you want.