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Help & Resources

    Do I have to have an Account to Buy Artwork?Yes you do. It's free. Sign Up Here

    Can I go from being a Buyer to a Seller?Sure, that happens all the time. Request An Invite To Sell Art

    How can I trust a Seller?Check out their profile. There should be Reviews & Ratings on all of their Sold Work.

    How can I be sure an Artwork being sold is authentic?Ask the seller. Messages are a great way to find out of the work is the real thing.

    I ordered something and it hasn't arrived. What do I do?Contact the seller and ask for the tracking info.

    I don't think they sent my order. Can I request a refund?Yes, you can request a refund by going to: Account > Purchases

    My Art arrived damaged. Can I get a refund?See above.

    I can't afford the shipping cost. Can I pick up the art in person?Yes, look at the Art Item's description to see if the Seller offers Pickup.

    How much is a Seller Account if I'm invited?An Available Works Seller Account is $5 / month.

    Does Available Works take a cut from my sales?Nope! You get to keep 100% of all of your sales.

    I didn't go to Art School. Can I still sell Art on Available Works?If you're an Artist, you're an Artist. Request An Invite To Sell Art

    I have Gallery Representation. Can I sell Art on Available Works?Sure! If you're really concerned, just check with your Gallery.

    I run an Art Gallery. Can I sell Art on Available Works?Totally! Available Works is great for Galleries.  Request An Invite To Sell Art

    I have some Art that someone else made. Can I sell it here?Yes you can. Be considerate and specify the "Original Artist" field when listing the work.

    I have a truck and could deliver to nearby buyers. Can I deliver the Artwork?Yes. When you list your Art Item, offer the "Pickup" option in case the Buyer is nearby.

    Can I sell Artworks in Editions on Available Works?Of course! We allow you to provide Quantities on any single Art Item.

    Is there anything I can't sell on Available Works?No Child Porn. No Fakes. No Weapons. No Drugs.

    I don't want to sell an Artwork to the Buyer who bought it. Can I cancel the sale?We currently don't have a Sale Request Feature, but we plan on offering it soon.

    I've been flagged for Copyright Infringement. What do I do?Ah, that sucks. Please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information.

    Someone is selling my Copyrighted Material. How do I stop them?You can message the Seller directly on Available Works. Need Help? Report An Issue

    Are transactions on Available Works safe?Yes. Our entire transaction system is backed by Stripe and is therefore PCI-compliant and as secure as possible.

    Do I need a Stripe Account to use Available Works?Not beforehand, we'll assist you through it.

    What happens if I don't pay for my Available Works Account?Your Account will be placed on hold until you update your Payment Information.

    Can I delete my Account?Yes, you can Remove your Acount in the Account Settings.